What you can do

The First stage of  the Arun DC Consultation Process is now over.  The comments below refer to the Local Plan that we have commented on.  There is not much you can do now except raise the awareness of friends and neighbours about the Local Plan, ready for Stage 2 of the Consultation process. This is when the re-write will be published by Arun DC after they have considered all our comments.

A paper copy of the Arun Local Plan may be viewed at Public Libraries in the district or at the Arun Civic Centre at Littlehampton. There is a second section called the Sustainability Appraisal.

The computer version of Arun’s Local Plan  and the Sustainability Appraisal can be found at the following link.

You may also download the Proposal Maps here.

The document  is huge (over 350 pages) and very difficult to read on a computer. It is too large to print out or read entirely.  It is probably best if you print out the section on Housing  and any others you wish to look at.  It will save your eyes !

The Housing Delivery section may be found here.

There are 2 ways in which you may comment on items in the Plan. One way is to register on-line at the Arun DC website  using the Portal system and the other way is to obtain a paper Consultation Form. there are 2 forms, one is for the main Local Plan and the other is for the Sustainability Appraisal.  They can be obtained at Libraries and at the Civic Centre. We should be giving them out at the forthcoming Public Meetings.

We will advise in due course as to the best areas to concentrate on and  on the form of comment you should make.

If there is anything that you do not understand or want more help with then contact us. Don’t panic. It is early in the process and we will be offering guidance in due course.

Other Useful Activities

Please inform everyone you know both within and outside our district about the Villages Action Group website. Ask them to support us by writing emails and letters to MPs, and local Councillors.    There is no reason why you should not email directly the following Councillors, MP and officers to express your views and opinions about the biased nature of the Local Plan.

It would greatly assist our campaign if you would make your views  and opinions known  to your local Councillors  and MP (Nick Herbert), as well as some of the chief architects of the Local Plan and the Government. Please do not be complacent because with or without a bypass our area is being targeted for housing development.

You could ask, where is your democratic choice as to where the houses are built? There is only one choice – the Villages.  Also, whatever happened to Option 1 which was the lower rate of house building of 400 per annum.

Or, Why are you targeting Prime agricultural land when there are many suitable Brownfield sites in the district. ? At a time of growing food shortages it is morally wrong to cover such irreplaceable food growing land with concrete, when there are suitable brownfield areas elsewhere.

You could also ask where is all the extra flood water going to end up when we have more deluges with even less Green fields to absorb it. To concrete land North of Bognor Regis and Felpham is surely madness when the last floods recently were blamed upon the Aldingbourne Rife !

Mr David Cameron’s comments on Large Housing Developments

Posted on August 11, 2012

I have just come across a very relevant comment made last January by the Prime Minister concerning “Not plonking housing estates next to Villages”.  How appropriate for us in our present situation.

Perhaps when you write to your MP, Mr Nick Herbert, you could remind him of this quotation from his leader.  The relevant article is from the 9th January 2012 edition of the Daily Telegraph and may be read by clicking here.  This link was obtained from the Angmering Village website which is also aimed at fighting unwanted housing development.

MP Nick Herbert’s contact details  are:-      Westminster ,  House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA  Tel: 020 7219 4080
     Email: herbertn@parliament.uk

Your 3 local Councillors for Barnham Ward are:-

Cllr John Charles                                                  Email:    Cllr.John.Charles@arun.gov.uk
Cllr. Mrs Jean Goad                                              Email:    Cllr.Jean.Goad@arun.gov.uk

Cllr. Dougal Maconachie                                    Email: dougalmaconachie@yahoo.co.uk

MP Nick Herbert:-                    Westminster   House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
         Tel: 020 7219 4080
                                             Email: herbertn@parliament.uk

Send copies to the following :-

Arun Head of Planning Policy and Conservation:-                                                                        Mr Simon Meecham                                    Email:    simon.meecham@arun.gov.uk

Cllr Ricky Bower,                                                     Email: r.bower@btconnect.com

Cllr Gillian Brown (Leader)                                    Email: gillianannabrown@aol.com
Dept of Communities and Local Government   Email:   Contactus@communities.gsi.gov.uk

The Villages Action Group needs extra campaign funds to pay for Banners, Printing costs, Paper, Ink,  other publicity material, and professional advice. 

Please consider making a donation, however small. it will be gratefully received and put to very good use. Please make cheques payable to “Villages Action Group”, and post your donation to :-    

 VAG Treasurer,   –   “Fairfields”, Fontwell Avenue, Eastergate, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 3RU

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  1. Stuart Morris says:

    Check out the new VAG Facebook page for updates and debate http://www.facebook.com/pages/Shafted-by-Arun-DC/314557331973230?ref=hl

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