New VAG Constitution and Accounts

The Villages Action Group needs to be on a more formal footing to be able to properly deal with the Examination in Public which will happen some time next year (2013).

The VAG General meeting at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 10th October  at the Aldingbourne Community Centre, Olivers Meadow, off Westergate Street went very well with very good attendance.   A new VAG Committee was elected comprising 9 Main Committee members with about 12 members of sub-committees such as Research and Publicity.
The new  Constitution may be downloaded here:-           Villages Action Group Constitution adopted October 2012

Now that we have a quiet period between Consultations, we can take stock of our finances. These appear to be quite healthy thanks to a very good response from local residents to our appeals for funds. There will be a need for more funds to be raised if we have to make representations at the EiP (which is quite likely). This will be to pay for legal advice and the services of a planning expert,  the costs of which will be capped at probably a figure around £ 6,000. It is too early to say the exact amount at this stage but that figure is close to the total needed.
A copy of the Accounts may be downloaded here   VAG accounts.

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