Environment Agency Comments

We have just received a copy of the Environment Agency’s own Comments in relation to Arun DC’s Consultation Process.  The VAG had written to the EA early on in the process and alerted them to our concerns. As a statutory body they are obliged to respond to Arun’s Consultation process.   Their report is quite critical of Arun DC’s Draft Local Plan.

The EA ia very critical of the Sustainability Appraisal in several places and in particular the failure to assess the flood risk from certain of the proposals as well as the failure to consider the “do nothing ” scenario.  The report also criticises the way only Option 2 is mentioned  in relation to the large numbers of houses in the Villages even though Option 1 is still one of the valid Options.

They say that without special measures the water drainage situation will be made much worse with the proposed number of houses all in one place. The sewerage system will be overloaded. The EA questions whether Lidsey Ww TW could cope with the extra houses. (VAG is certain that it cannot).  The EA say that the policy is UNSOUND without special measures to improve this (i.e. more money). They are very concerned about overall water quality resulting from this scale of development.
The EA also suggest that Arun DC should go further in setting an appropriate target for the use of brownfield land.
In summary we feel that it is very helpful to our campaign against this completely unsuitable development. It provides official backing to many of our own criticisms.

The full report may be downloaded  here    Env-Agenc-Response-toPlanAugust 2012.

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