The Arun District Council local plan consultation period for major modifications ends 31st of May 2017

Despite efforts to get this consultation period extended Arun have declined therefore we are left with the deadline as it stands of 31st of May 2017.

Our semi rural way of life is continuously under threat and we are urgently requesting that you take action again.

The local plan threatens mass house building across the district at 1000 plus homes per annum over 20 years an unbelievable, undeliverable and an unsustainable figure.
With our community facing 3000+ houses in the fields south of Manor farm and Arun’s continued policy to realign the A29 it requires urgent action by us the local residents to submit our objections by the end of the consultation period to this house building madness.
Please find the time to follow the visit the Arun local plan portal and make your submissions.
You may wish to comment on :
  • Flooding threats as outlined in The VAG Richard Allitt report, sewage treatment lack of capacity, ongoing pollution to our countryside and the villages caused by pre-existing lack of infrastructure.
  • On the loss of production high-grade farmland and wildlife habitats. Our local fields are amongst the most high grade farm land in the whole district.
  • A lack of employment for the thousands of new residents that will move to the area causing more out commuting and a further burden on our overstretched local infrastructure.
  • The A27! We are all aware that it is beyond capacity , Fontwell roundabout Arundel and the Chichester bypass.
These matters have to be solved long before any housing development commences on the scale that Arun intends and the argument for development in higher numbers in the Ford area becomes more and more relevant.
You may also want to point out that whatever the housing need studies suggest our district cannot sustain the numbers being pushed by the District Council and Government. The sustainability appraisal conducted by Arun does not adequately cover the burden of the projected housing numbers and therefore cannot be used to support the mass house building that will follow.

In summary please focus on:

  • Lack of existing local infrastructure
  • Congested local road network
  • Congested county highway road network
  • Already understandable out commuting caused by lack of local employment opportunities
  • An inadequate sustainability appraisal that does not reflect the local areas capacity to accommodate and sustain major housing development
  • Loss of high-grade productive farmland in a rural and semi rural economy
  • The housing numbers are truly mind-boggling 1000+ new dwellings per annum for 20 years, it is unbelievable that 20,000 more homes are intended.
Your submission can be lengthy or short, it does not matter, but it is vital that you do make a submission and that the inspector understands the strength of local opposition to these unsustainable house building numbers contained within the Arun local plan.
It is also vital that you point out that Arun does not communicate, our district Council is woeful in providing local residents with information firstly to inform us and then enabling us to participate in this below the radar consultation process.

It is another call to action and following on for the superb response to Cala homes, please take up your pens and keyboards once more and make your voice heard.

Please direct any questions as per normal to the website.

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2 Responses to The Arun District Council local plan consultation period for major modifications ends 31st of May 2017

  1. David K Hillier says:

    Where is the link to the ADC plan portal please? My pc does not recognise something called URL below.


    David Hiller


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