Highway concerns and problems with the Cala Homes application. Please include these valid points in your objections.

If you have already submitted an objection send the following in as a supplementary objection.

Deadline for objections extended to 20th April 2017

  1. Traffic travelling north along the A29 is met with a left-hand bend, which limits line of sight immediately before the proposed new junction. The forward visibility to offside primary signal at 60 meters is significantly less than Highways standards of 90 metre for new junctions. A traffic light at this point would cause traffic to also back-up south towards the railway crossing and vehicles travelling north round this blind bend would often find stationary traffic in their path and have little distance remaining to stop their vehicle. Cala Homes are requesting that an exception be made to Highway Authority standards to allow this dangerous junction to be built on the grounds that signal control is being installed at an existing junction in a constrained urban area. This is not an existing junction. Cala Homes propose to create this junction by building a new road to join the A29 to what is an extension of Pine Close. Also the A29 at Westergate Street passes through a built-up area and is a very busy major road with a high density of traffic so it should not be considered as a quiet constrained urban road where relaxation of standards would not create additional safety risks.
  2. Westergate Street is a major road with a high density of traffic and is used by heavy vehicles and cyclists so the planned lane widths at the junction of 3 metre and 3.3 metre (Sight Access General Arrangement, drawing 3258/GA/002) is significantly less than Highways standards of 4 metre for new junctions and therefore presents a safety issue particularly for cyclists.
  3. Space for right turners to wait at the junction is limited to one car and road widths are such that a second car or a heavy vehicle wanting to turn right would block straight-ahead traffic. It is suggested that there is insufficient space available at this location for the design of a safe and efficient 4-way traffic light controlled junction.
  4. As there are no provisions for a separate site entrance all construction traffic will have to use this junction to enter the site. This means that heavy vehicles, some of which will have abnormal loads, the delivery of heavy machinery, removing spoil, delivering construction components and making material deliveries will also have to use this traffic light controlled junction creating even more congestion and safety concerns.
  5. All 350 proposed homes will enter/exit the estate using only one road. The present houses on this road have limited off-road parking resulting in residents and their visitors parking on the road at a point very close to the proposed new junction. Also at this same point the road is crossed by a well used public footpath and during peak times many footpath users are children travelling by foot or bicycle to Eastergate Primary School, Ormiston Six Villages Academy and to Aldingbourne Primary School. The Cala Homes plan also proposes to reroute traffic from Swan Court/Pine Close to this same point. It is suggested that a change of access for Swan Court/Pine Close would only add to the congestion at this point and that there is a serious hazard to footpath users attempting to cross the road.
  6. There is a major error on the submitted Sight Access General Arrangement, drawing 3258/GA/002. The principle access road to the new estate is not 6.5 metres. The existing road, which is sandwiched between a public footpath and some new houses, is only 6 metres in width. The implication of this is that claims by Cala Homes that the principle access road to their estate from Westergate Street could be used in the future for a scheduled bus service is not true as the Highway Authority requires a carriageway significantly wider than 6 metres for a bus route. Also the Cala Homes suggestion that the principle access road to their estate could form part of a future major route east appears unlikely when the road width is only 6 metres and is further restricted by on-road parking by existing residents.
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