VOTE ” YES ” in the REFERENDUM on Aldingbourne’s Neighbourhood Plan

The Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Development Plan (ANDP) is going to REFERENDUM on 18th October 2016.

The POLLING STATION will be at the WESTERGATE METHODIST HALL  in Westergate Street.   Open from     7.00 a.m.  until  10.00 p.m.

It is very important to understand what this vote is for.  It is to give LEGAL STATUS to the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Development Plan for the next   TWENTY  YEARS. 

This Plan has been produced by Parish volunteers over a total period of 6 Years and represents hundreds of hours of work plus several Thousand £ s of Parish funds. It is designed to control the way the Parish develops in the future and seeks to protect our valuable natural resources and wildlife and control excessive and damaging development. Some development will be permitted over that time period but it will have to conform to the fairly strict forms defined in the ANDP.   The ANDP is the BEST chance that the residents of Aldingbourne Parish have for protecting the character of the Parish into the future.  For this reason the VAG advises that everyone should VOTE  ” YES ”   to the Neighbourhood Plan. The alternative would result in no Plan at all and there could then be no protection at all.

Please note that this is NOT the Arun Local Plan for which there is no right to vote for or against. You must accept whatever Arun comes up with.

To make sure that the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Plan acquires real LEGAL STATUS it is vitally important that there is a YES Vote of 50 % or more.  So, it is up to you to go out and VOTE and tell everyone you know how important it is that they do the same.  REMEMBER – Please VOTE  ” YES ”  if you want the best protection possible for this Parish for the future.

The following link is to a Press Release from Aldingbourne Parish Council:-  aldingbourne-parish-%c2%ad-press-release

The Final Version of the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Plan can be downloaded here :-    reg_15_submission_plan_with_examiners_changes_september_2016

Addendum to this Post :-

I have just received a suggestion from a reader of this site that it would be a great help if those of you who are able and have transport, could contact anyone you know who may have difficulty getting to the Polling Station for whatever reason, and offer them a lift in your car.  This would be very helpful indeed and would be an effective way to do your ‘bit’ towards supporting the whole process of voting through the Aldingbourne  Neighbourhood Plan.

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2 Responses to VOTE ” YES ” in the REFERENDUM on Aldingbourne’s Neighbourhood Plan

  1. GILL SHAW says:

    I do not live in Aldingbourne but would suggest you arrange for people to “knock up” to remind people the importance of voting & to offer lifts to the polling station. If it were the Eastergate plan I’d volunteer to give lifts, (I can no longer “knock up” as my legs no longer work!) GOOD LUCK!

  2. VAG says:

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will add it as an addendum to this post.

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