Urgent request to write to Eric Pickles, Nick Herbert MP, David Cameron and others

Following a very well attended Aldingbourne Parish Council meeting on Tuesday evening, it was agreed that Aldingbourne Parish Council will seek legal advice on the feasibility of a legal challenge to the Appeal decisions. This challenge, if agreed upon will have to be started before the deadline of 5th April so the time is very tight.

Another major issue raised at the meeting was the need for local people to write to those politicians and official bodies that may be be able to change the decisions. It is absolutely imperative that you write almost immediately due to the very tight time window.

A leaflet from VAG was handed out at the Parish Council meeting, but if you did not attend or did not pick one up, then just click on the following link to download and print a copy.

VAG-Letter & Email Writing Appeal

The leaflet details the various points that you should comment on. Please keep your comments strong but polite. Insults etc will not achieve anything.  The Sec of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Eric Pickles has re-called some Appeal decisions recently based on a Neighbourhood Plan argument. You must emphasise that our Neighbourhood Plan (Aldingbourne’s) is almost completed and has been through 3 public consultation processes, so does genuinely represent what the local residents want. You should ask whether we actually live in a democracy or a dictatorship (one that is ruled by money and big business). You can copy the Pickles letter to Mr Nick Herbert our present MP to save time. It is probably worth writing to Mr Cameron, but keep it short. Please emphasise that the election will be an opportunity for voters to show how they feel about this issue.  Also, write to the Planning Inspectorate who are responsible for the decisions.

Good luck and many thanks for all the letter and email writing that I know many of you have already done. There is still some hope, so please do not give up at this stage. This really is the final battle for us, so please keep fighting.


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