Aldingbourne Parish’s LAST chance to save itself from excessive development

This Post is only for residents of Aldingbourne Parish.

Unfortunately, the Inspectors at the 2 recent Planning Appeals granted the Hallam Land Application for 79 Houses to be built between Hook Lane and Lamorna Gardens, and for the Land Fund Application for 268 Houses to be built on the old Nyton Nurseries site.
This represents a complete trashing of Aldingbourneʼs Neighbourhood Plan which is very nearly completed. The number of houses in the Neighbourhood Plan was to be the genuine local need of 30 for the next 15 years.  Instead we face the prospect of 347 houses (or 11 times that number of unwanted houses) being forced upon the Parish.

However there is still a possibility that a Legal Challenge can be mounted by the Aldingbourne Parish Council. They have been advised that it may be feasible to challenge a certain part of the Inspectorʼs rulings. (1).- The first stage is to approve a relatively small payment for the barrister to review the Inspectorʼs Reports and,  (2). –  if advised, to
then apply for a Protective Costs Order for a one issue challenge in the High courts.


This can only happen if local residents come to the Parish Council on
Tues 3rd March and express their feelings on the matter and encourage
the Parish Council to mount this legal challenge.

            The Council cannot act without your mandate.

Please come to the Aldingbourne Parish Council Meeting at 7.00 pm on Tues. 3rd March at Aldingbourne Community & Sports Centre, Olivers Meadow, off Westergate St, Westergate.

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What you can also do ;-

You can write to your MP,  Mr Nick Herbert at expressing how you feel about this negation of democracy and how the laws do not seem to allow enough room for ordinary people to stand up against large corporations and developers.

Secondly, you should  email Mr Eric Pickles (Minister for Communities & Local Government)   at

and David Cameron, the Prime Minister at

You can explain to Mr Pickles and Mr Cameron how lots of local residents have been working in their spare time without pay to construct a Neighbourhood Plan to protect and enhance our Parish for the next 15 years and it has all just been thrown in the rubbish bin because some predatory developers have come along and brow beaten the Local Authority into submission with housing figure calculations. The Neighbourhood Plan is virtually finished and is just awaiting final approval.  This is also only a few months before a Local Plan is due to be examined and possibly approved by an Inspector. Why should local residents who are making every effort to conform with the Localism Bill be ignored and trodden down just when they had virtually completed their Neighbourhood Plan ?



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1 Response to Aldingbourne Parish’s LAST chance to save itself from excessive development

  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I hope you will get good support for this initiative.

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