CPRE Research shows Brownfield sites could take at least 1 Million homes

Today’s article in the Daily Telegraph is the result of university research funded by CPRE.  It shows that there are plenty of BROWNFIELD sites in the UK that houses could be built on BEFORE using ANY GREENFIELD sites.  In fact there are enough sites to accommodate 1 Million new homes.  The following article has been scanned from today’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.


If you find this scanned page difficult to read then double click on the image and it will increase in size.

You have to ask the question – ” If  Arun District Council must build an extra 2,000 or more houses that no-one locally wants or needs, then why can they not find sufficient Brownfield land in Arun District to build them on instead of destroying Grade 1 and 2 Greenfield land ??”

There is another article on the same page and this one relates to Mr Nick Boles the Housing Minister who once remarked that he preferred buildings to countryside. He is the Minister responsible for making it easier for developers to ruin a place near you.  This time it could be called an own goal for Mr Boles as he is now very angry about some “shoddy” building in his constituency. He even uses the phrase “the unacceptable face of capitalism”, which is quite hilarious coming from him. If you want to read the original article it can be found here.  Nick Boles latest pronouncement

Perhaps you could drop him an email saying “I told you so” or something to that effect.

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3 Responses to CPRE Research shows Brownfield sites could take at least 1 Million homes

  1. Helen Bailey says:

    Well done for forging ahead with your Rally and Walk on Sunday – realised how important it was when I saw it on South Today on Sunday evening!

    As the spokesman for Arun District Council spoke of the fact that the developer is paying for the Viaduct/road works so that he can build 2,000 homes and the road infrastructure, the fact that all appeals will fail until we are finally had ‘over a barrel’ – it all seems ‘cut and dried’ – but I totally disagree with it.

    I do hope that it can be overturned and continue to be as it is.

  2. VAG says:

    It is certainly NOT cut and dried as you say. The Examination in Public is next year when Arun DC’s Plan is scrutinised by an Inspector, plus many opponents will be speaking against the Plan.
    We believe that the Plan is fundamentally flawed and is Un-Sound. We hope that the Inspector will agree with us when he sees all of our evidence.

  3. Chantal Durban-Jackson says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated.We will make a further financial contribution shortly Kind Regards Chantal


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