A27 Survey – Have your say

I have recently received a Survey which is asking for opinions and views on the possibility of further investment in the A27 which is the major trunk road along the South Coast. This survey is asking for views from members of the Public .   The survey is produced by the A27 Action Campaign.    This group is not associated with the Villages Action Group.  We are aware that there are differing views on this locally, so if you wish to give your views on this subject, then follow the instructions below.

What follows is in their own words :-

The A27 Action Campaign supports work being done by the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency about the feasibility of investing in the A27.

We would now like to invite you to complete a household survey to gather key evidence to help inform the feasibility study. The survey is intended for residents like you affected by the A27

This survey will be relevant whether or not you have a car or live near the A27.

We are looking to collect only the necessary evidence to understand the impact of       a) traffic in your local area on your health and wellbeing               b) poor road performance on the quality of your commute to work                     c) congestion on personal journeys in your area

Some basic optional information about your household is also collected such as household composition and household income. However, no personal information will be shared with third parties.

The survey may take between   5mins – 12mins   to complete.

Your views will help inform complementary transport strategies to encourage sustainable transport in your community.


In order to participate, you should    Click on this link

With thanks from the Research Team for A27 Action



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2 Responses to A27 Survey – Have your say

  1. Oh dear, more fence sitting from VAG. Are you for or against it? Would it be good or bad for BEW?So how would the possible announcement of funding for an Arundel Bypass on December 3rd impact the Local Plan? Would it bring Ford Airfield into play? Would VAG want that or not? LOL!

  2. VAG says:

    To many of us it would seem completely sensible to complete this serious missing link in the A27. However there are some who feel differently on this issue. If the Arundel Bypass was to be funded then Arun District Council may well have to re-consider some aspects of its Local Plan.

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