Aldingbourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Events

Important announcement !

Aldingbourne Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan moves a step closer next week with the launch of a household survey and two Consultation events at

                        Westergate Methodist Church,

on   Thurs 11th Sept, 3 – 8pm,   and     Sat 13th Sept, 11 – 4pm.

All residents of the parish, which includes Westergate, Woodgate, Norton and Aldingbourne villages, will receive the survey and the Parish Council is keen to encouarge as many people as possible to respond either by post or online. The Consultation events are designed to give everyone an opportunity to ask questions and participate in giving practical feedback about where affordable housing should be located and which areas should be protected for wildlife, recreation and flood prevention.

The Barnham and Eastergate Neighbourhood Plan has successfully passed referendum and the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Plan team, who are volunteers, are keen to push the Aldingbourne Plan to referendum as soon as possible so that Aldingbourne Parish has control over further developer applications and a plan which will carry weight when Arun’s Local Plan goes to public examination.  The survey and consultation events are the next formal stage in the process. It is very important that every resident of the Parish takes this opportunity to comment on the   Neighbourhood Plan.

Please do not confuse this with the Arun Local Plan which is for the whole Arun District. It is mis-named as it is not local at all.  The Neighbourhood Plan is the  Aldingbourne Parish plan for future development in the Parish and is your only real opportunity to exert a local influence on the way that the main Arun Local Plan unfolds.

For further information please contact:  Laurence Ward by email at

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