VAG committee meeting, Monday 3rd February 2014

Notice to all members of the Main Committee that the next committee meeting will be held at Nyton Lodge, Nyton Road at 7.30 pm on the above date.

Draft agenda:
1.  Apologies for absence – Mike Turner
2.  Matters Arising not on the agenda
3.  Finance report – NB need to confirm new signatories are confirmed with Barclays as there are payments to be made.
4.  Follow up to Full Council and LPSC meeting of 30th Jan – next steps
5.  Proposed development of 500 houses at Fontwell
6.  Any Other Business
7.  Date of Next Meeting


About stopa29bypass

The Stop A29 Bypass Facebook Page allows people to have their say in the campaign for sensible housing and transport decisions in the area known as the Six Villages in coastal West Sussex. Our mission is to preserve the nature of our villages and farmland for future generations, working with the Villages Action Group to prevent large-scale development that would destroy the nature of the villages between Chichester and Arundel. (Views expressed may not be those of the VAG.)
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One Response to VAG committee meeting, Monday 3rd February 2014

  1. inholms says:

    BBC; The One Show.


    On last nights ‘One Show’ you had a feature regarding the 2011 Localism Act and Neighbourhood Plans. It was suggested by your presenter that if communities failed to or were unable to agree an NP then thousands of houses would be forced upon us wether we liked it or not and there was nothing anyone can do to prevent it.

    I have heard this said many times during my own involvement with our local NP and I frequently ask ‘who are these faceless people who are going to dump thousands of houses in our back gardens? No one can tell me.

    I am surprised that I should have to remind anyone, particularly as we are just about to celebrate WW1 when millions died, that we live in a democracy. No one will be building thousands of houses anywhere. We live in a democracy, not Russia or China, I say it again as some people seem to have forgotten.

    I can assure you that if anyone decided to build anything which was not agreed by the local community in my area, I for one would not have slightest hesitation in orchestrating a campaign of civil disobedience,which may well involve the mass withholding of Council Tax payments.
    I don’t want to do this, so can you and the rest of the media stop talking about this’ boggy man’
    Its just not going to happen!

    Colin Smith

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