Arun District Council extends Hallam Land Objection deadline

On 25th November  we pointed out to Arun District Council Planning Department that certain members of VAG had failed to receive letters or emails notifying them of Hallam Land updates to the highways plans.  The updates were announced by Hallam on 29th October and all persons who objected to the original Planning Application should have been notified very soon after this date.  Mysteriously, some of us did not receive either letters OR emails even though we had submitted copious objections to Hallam’s plans, and so only found out about the amendments 2 weeks later.  This caused VAG to lose  some time in alerting the general population near to to Hallam’s proposal of these changes.

The limited response time caused by us not being aware of the updates did cause some extra pressure that we could have done without. However, despite this we managed to get the message out in time and it appears a couple of posts below this one.

The Planning Department insists that all the letters were sent. However, for some strange reason the letters and emails to the VAG Secretary, the Vice Chairman and myself and 5 other active members of VAG never arrived.

Following our complaint Arun DC have now decided to extend the objection deadline.

The new date is now 19th December 2013.

This was announced today and coincided with the notice being sent out to the non-recipients last time around.  (we presume).

So, if you missed the old deadline for this one you have a new one !  Please check up on the previous post and send in an objection if you agree with the VAG comments.

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