Make Your Views Known !

The Local Plan Sub-Committee (LPSC) votes on Thursday 28th November to recommend 580 Houses per annum for Arun District’s emerging local Plan.  This figure will cause the   Barnham/ Eastergate  New Town of at least 2,000 and maybe 3,000 houses to appear.   If the Councillors threw out this number and chose the SUSTAINABLE figure of 400 Houses p.a. the New Town disappears.

There is still SOMETHING that you can do which could have a ripple effect if enough people do the same thing.

If you DO NOT want top see your Villages destroyed in the next 10 to 15 years then make a stand NOW and download this form giving the email addresses of all of the important players.   LPSC-emailHandout2

PLEASE make the effort and deluge the 13 active LPSC Councillors with a strong email stating what you think of their plans to bury us in 5,000 and possibly 8,000 more local cars on inadequate roads with hardly any attempt to address the poor infrastructure. This is an idea which is entirely devoid of logic. How can you justify building a new road to alleviate some rush hour congestion at a level crossing by flooding the new road and the surrounding villages with thousands more cars generated by the thousands of houses needed to pay for the new road ????

Sending a copy of this email to your MP Rt Hon Nick Herbert will help to inform the Government that there are major problems with trying to force large New Towns onto rural areas against the wishes of the people.  Nick Herbert has already made many strong attempts to persuade the Housing minister Nick Boles to make changes to the new planning laws, so far with only limited success. Your email could help him to demonstrate the strength of local feeling.

If you want to see an excellent presentation of the flaws in Arun DC’s logic then please go to the following VAG  Youtube videos, – Just released

Video1 –   Sustainable Housing            Video2  –   Actions to Take

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1 Response to Make Your Views Known !

  1. Lesley E says:

    Well, I have emailed all the LPSC and Nick Herbert. Fingers crossed they actually read all the emails, letters, etc. that they have been sent and act in an appropriate fashion.

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