A Big Thank you to VAG Members

The VAG Committee would like to thank all those Members of the Villages Action Group who gave their time and energy to the “I Love My Village  Festival” , that was such a great success last Saturday.  It could not have happened without the input from all of the helpers as well as the main acts and performers.

The work to set up and to dismantle the insides of the various barns and facilities and stringing lights and safety barriers was considerable and could not have happened without such help. Many members contributed items which were needed to help the smooth organisation of the Festival. Thank you for all those small contributions. One member offered a large marquis type tent and it was put up with great amusement the day before only to be wrecked totally when the high winds arrived on the Saturday morning.  The owner  was very philosophical about it but just  “Kept Calm and Carried On ” as the book says. Another member (Dave Pegler) ended up single handedly loading all the straw bales onto the truck at the end  (because everyone else was too smashed to help I believe). He deserves a medal.  So –  Well Done !  –  to everyone involved in making it possible.

It is still too early to know exactly how much was raised towards our fighting funds but we did count 1100 entries to the Festival, so it looks like a very good result. Let us hope that one day we can have a repeat Festival to celebrate our success  in changing the Arun Local Plan into something that we all can live with.

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1 Response to A Big Thank you to VAG Members

  1. peteedgeler says:

    HQ copies of the pictures I took at the ILMV Festival are available to view and download on FlickR at this link: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjG9rcSw

    They are made available under a Creative Commons Licence which allows free use for non-profit provided any republication is credited.



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