Visioning Study – or – New Town plan for the Villages

The up to now Confidential Visioning Study of Arun District Council is now freely available courtesy of our local MP Nick Herbert.

On MP Nick Herbert’s Website, which you may access via the link at the end of this piece, is his own summary (with many strong comments) of the proposed scheme, which is Arun DC’s worst kept secret. There is also a link to the actual Visioning Study itself.

Nick uses the term that the consultants use , i.e. “Garden City” which sounds very charming.  It was,  when it was first thought up by a famous chap called  Ebenezer Howard in 1902. They are based on the idea of aquisition of a large area of agricultural land at agricultural values and developing about a sixth for town purposes, including industry for high paid jobs, shopping and housing, the majority being farmed for local food production and all rented from a trust which holds the land on behalf of the community. The rents pay off the original purchase price over time, pay the running costs and then the rents are reduced to running costs only.

Does that sound like the idea that Arun DC has planned for you and your children ?  It would be a wonderful and forward thinking idea wouldn’t it ?  Famous places such as Welwyn Garden City were built on those ideas.  What a refreshing surprise that would be ?

Unfortunately, I don’t think the original idea of Garden Cities is what they have in mind.

You can make your own mind up by going to the following links below.

1.  MP  Nick Herbert’s comments 

2.  Draft Three Villages Visioning Brief

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2 Responses to Visioning Study – or – New Town plan for the Villages

  1. Alan Dummer says:

    What on earth are ADC doing? They have not provided any real evidence in their LDP that the housing need speculated within, is actually required.
    With the demise of the SE Regional Plan, there “appears” to be no central government pressure to reach unrealistic housing targets.
    A scan around the “housing related” planning applications and current building in Arun District, seems to indicate that there is already going to be an overabundance of of housing, certainly for the needs of the local community.
    Now they have wasted yet more money with this so called “visioning study”.
    The Church Commisioners report, predictably supports the ADC position – they along with local landowners and housing developers, have an entirely logical though “money grubbing” self interest in this illogical nonsense.
    What is more disturbing, is a growing suspicion about the motivation of at least some councillors and council officers. They are flying in the face of local opinion and have provided no logical arguments to support their position. So where are they “coming from”?
    In normal ADC fashion, they release information very reluctantly and generally only if it supports their rather warped impression of a future that nobody wants.
    Is there something going on that we are not being told – maybe the Daily Telegraph article about councillors machinations in the north east, should spread to investigate a much wider spread of councils, in what was a green and pleasant land.
    What a depressing time!

  2. Nick Harvey says:

    I wonder how much of our (Council Tax payers’) money has Arun District Council spent on this ‘Visioning Study’?

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