Calling all VAG members – come to the ADC Local Plan meeting on Thursday 6th March

There is a meeting tomorrow, Thursday 7th March, of Arun District Council’s Local Plan Sub-Committee at Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road,  Littlehampton.  The meeting will be held at 6.00 pm in Committee Room 1.

There have been some recent incidents involving some confidential Studies commissioned by Cllr Ricky Bower of Arun DC in which the Parish Councils have only been given very limited time to comment. The VAG feels that this is very unfair both to the Parish Councils and the local residents.  Such important decisions for the future of these Villages should be given adequate time for consideration and comment and not rushed through. There will of course be a final Consultation when the Final Local Plan Draft is revealed at end of May, but that is no excuse for this undue haste at this time.

We want to send a very strong signal to Cllr Bower and the Local Plan Sub Committee that the local residents are very unhappy at Arun DC’s apparent lack of concern for clear democratic processes.  When the Eco-Town was proposed at Ford in 2009 ADC formed a Special Select Committee to block the plan. Where is our Select Committee?

Please make every effort to attend this meeting and really show Arun how you feel.  We would like volunteers to come along earlier at 5.20 pm outside the Arun Civic Centre for a photo opportunity with Kevin Smith of the Bognor Observer. We will also have some banners which you can hold up.  We need a large number of people.

Please try to help with this.  It is very important to send this signal to ADC if you want to help in our fight against their plans.

Contact VAG directly on 0844 443 6558 if you require more information.




About stopa29bypass

The Stop A29 Bypass Facebook Page allows people to have their say in the campaign for sensible housing and transport decisions in the area known as the Six Villages in coastal West Sussex. Our mission is to preserve the nature of our villages and farmland for future generations, working with the Villages Action Group to prevent large-scale development that would destroy the nature of the villages between Chichester and Arundel. (Views expressed may not be those of the VAG.)
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