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To all of you who may be wondering why this has not been a website item, the answer is that a lot has been going on behind the scenes due to the strenuous efforts of various dedicated individuals, and we now have enough background to make some comments publicly.  There has been some building Publicity in the local press and even on BBC South Today, BBC Radio Sussex and Spirit FM in recent weeks.

Many local residents are not aware that the very bad smell that they may have noticed over the last 6 months, (which is between the smell of rotten eggs and that of an oil refinery), is due to uncontrolled gassing off from the Lidsey Landfill. Some of you may think or have been told by others that it is some odd farmyard smell. It is not. Farmyard smells are quite distinctive. The operators, SITA and Veolia have admitted publicly that they have a problem and are working to solve it.

We have just received details from the Environment Agency of a gas analysis conducted by CPL Labs in March 2012. By law this has to be done at least once a year in order to check correct operation of the site. The gases monitored are those that are drawn off by pipework in a controlled manner to feed into the generating engines which produce electricity. Normally all the gases caused by the decay of the rubbish are burnt in the engines, but what has been happening recently (over last 9 months) is that the gases are instead escaping into the atmosphere and causing the awful stench that you notice if the wind blows it your way.

The detailed analysis of the March 2012 gas contents is here LidseyTrace2012[1][1]-3

One of our members has done some research into the health aspects of the numerous gases noted in the above report.  This summary may be found here  Lidsey Gas Analysis March 2012

We are not environmental scientists, and we accept that some of the measured gas concentrations in March 2012 may well be within what is considered to be safe limits. However, we are still awaiting from the Environment Agency a clear and UP TO DATE analysis of the PRESENT concentrations of the gases which have been escaping in an uncontrolled manner from Lidsey Landfill and blowing all over our local community for about the last 9 months. This downwind area also includes 2 Primary schools and one Secondary School. Why have the Environment Agency not initiated regular gas analysis in this period,  especially when both they and the operators admit that the landfill is out of control ?  The only reason for the awaited extra analysis is because we have been demanding it.

I will update you all as soon as we have the latest gas measurements.

Meanwhile, a petition calling for a quick Solution or Closure of the Landfill has been started and you should soon have the opportunity to sign it if you wish.    If you want to be sure not to miss it then there are some copies in the local shops. ( Can anyone who has taken a Petition sheet away please return it to the origin when you have the signatures)

Also, if you experience the smell and find it offensive or not acceptable then please report it to the Environment Agency who are responsible for monitoring air pollution.  24 Hr Tel No. :-  0800-807060

You may also contact your Member of Parliament, Rt Hon Nick Herbert, who has recently visited Lidsey following earlier complaints.  His contact details are:-

MP Nick Herbert:-                    Westminster   House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
         Tel: 020 7219 4080

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3 Responses to Lidsey Landfill – Latest News

  1. S COLE says:

    I have meant to contact the Environment agency for months about the smell, it can be really overpowering and quite nauseating, I thought must have been coming from some sort of chemical/agricultural fertiliser manufacturing plant. I agree that it is totally unacceptable, we live miles away, (near Fontwell racecourse) but can smell it most days. It must be dreadful for those that live nearer to the landfill site, it’s a smell that you do not accommodate to. Would happily join any action to change the situation. Dr S Cole


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  3. Joanne Ambrose says:

    So its the first lovely day of Spring today. A Sunday when we should be able to enjoy sitting in the conservatory with the doors wide open. But no, because the wind direction has changed to a warm south westerly, it means the smell is back. Even with the doors closed we can smell it. I have the usual headache that is caused by either the odour itself or the stress of having to put up with it. This Landfill site was due to close a long time ago. Who is profiting from it? Certainly not the residents of Arun District Council

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