VAG Committee Meeting on Tuesday 13th November 7. 35 pm

There will be a Committee Meeting of the Villages Action Group at the Aldingbourne Community Sports Centre, Olivers Meadow, Westergate on the above date and time.
The Meeting is open to all Committee Members as well as those on Sub Committees and ordinary Members of the Villages Action Group.  There will be opportunities for Sub Committee and Ordinary members of VAG to speak at particular points in the meeting.

The Meeting is only open to present Members of  the Villages Action Group.  If anyone wishes to join the VAG before this meeting then please contact us on the Email given in the right column with your details and we will try to get you included for the meeting.

The Meeting Agenda may be downloaded here  :-     Cttee agenda 13 Nov 12 v1

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1 Response to VAG Committee Meeting on Tuesday 13th November 7. 35 pm

  1. In their submission to the draft Local Plan Chichester District Council “leaked” the fact that the Coastal West Sussex Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2012 (SHMA), which is about to be published, concludes that meeting Arun District’s development needs would require provision of 600-750 homes per year based on demographic projections.

    I suspect this document will be published shortly after the VAG meeting – but at least VAG is forewarned. It would be interesting to know exactly when Arun saw the first draft of this document?

    I can’t help wondering if the 400 p.a. “preference” was a deliberetae ploy by Arun to create “false hope” amongst the public and their action groups. Arun would rather have everyone talking about lower (unrealistic?) housing numbers than alternative locations (don’t mention Ford Airfield Captain Mainwaring!) . Notice how little discussion there has been about alternative locations!! At the recent Local Plan Sub Committee meeting two councillors suggested that Ford Airfield should be reconsidered – their contribution was censored from the minutes!

    By the time the public realise that they have been sold a dummy it could be too late to influence change.

    Perhaps Arun’s councillors are more clever than everyone gives them credit for? A clever way to get a controversial plan through?

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