Meeting of Special Overview Select Committee

There is an important meeting at 2.30 pm on 4th October at Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton,   –   Committee Room 1.
It has been called by our local District Councillors, Mrs Jean Goad, Mr John Charles and Mr Dougal Maconachie, in order to question in more detail some decisions recently made by Cllr Ricky Bower alone in relation to further studies by Consultants on other aspects of the bypass road and housing proposals in the Draft Local Plan.  These decisions involve the spending of more local taxpayer’s money on aspects of the Local Plan which, one could argue, should have been made before the Plan was published. An alternative view is that they should be made after the 2nd Draft appears in the New Year. Either way, the present timing is open to question as to why it is being done at this time.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and even may ask questions. However, the intention to ask a question must be cleared beforehand. Relevant details are in the downloads below.

The details of the original proposals may be found here Arun DC Cabinet Decisions 30th August 2012

The procedures for the Select Committee meeting are to be found here Procedure at Overview Select Committee Meeting in respect of Decisions called in
The outcome of this meeting in summary was that the challenges were unsuccessful in overturning the proposals for further studies and associated expenditure. The full Minutes of the proceedings may be downloaded here

The minutes do not state the numbers of votes to pass the resolutions, but only the results. The actual voting was fairly close for the second item, and it is a pity that this fact is not recorded. If you would like a good general description of what went on then I can recommend this blog from the Chairman of Barnham Parish Council, Mr David Phillips.

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