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Posted on Friday, 08 October 2010 
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Bognor Regis Observer reports that new building developments could be banned around the Five Villages. The embargo is set to be imposed by Arun District Council because of concerns about inadequate sewers.

The ban would apply to any scheme which would add to the flow in the underground network within the areas of Barnham, Westergate, Walberton, Eastergate and Yapton served by the Lidsey waste water treatment plant.

It would also include Middleton, Shripney and Climping. This catchment area encompasses some 19,000 residents over 1,411 hectares. There are 94km of public foul and surface water sewers as well as at least 7km of private systems which would be covered by the ban.

Arun assistant director of planning and housing strategy Karl Roberts said: “Sewage in Barnham has always caused problems and as a result we have had several occasions of bad flooding. We need to resolve this problem.”

His comments came as the council’s local development framework committee last week agreed to recommend to all councillors that a planning document presuming against future development which will produce extra effluent in the catchment area should be prepared.

The committee wants consultation about the intended ban to take place.

It decided also to seek the reformation of the Barnham drainage working group.

Official concern about the state of Barnham’s sewage network was raised last spring by the Environment Agency regarding housing plans for Angel’s Nursery on Yapton Road in Barnham. The proposals were turned down by Arun because of the agency’s comments.

Investigations by the EA around the villages found the winter months and periods of heavy rain overloaded the sewer pipes to cause sewage to seep out of manholes into watercourses and fields.

An EA statement said: “Additional development is likely to cause an adverse environmental impact.

”Until a sustainable solution is found we will advise against development if it results in a net increase in the flow to the sewer network”.


This issue may have been resolved for the specific area mentioned above, but perhaps the same arguments and issues do apply to the other villages in the new Arun DC proposals ?

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